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Opened for business in the summer of 2005, Chef and Owner Matteo Paonessa broke the cardinal rule of real estate, the one which harps Location, Location, Location by renting a small virtually invisible spot down an alleyway in the Roseland Plaza. Matteo knew it would not be easy, but knowing the kitchen and the craft at hand confidence was on the fore front. First with the erection of an outside wall blocking the view from afar and displaying colours under lights before entering his subconscious. Matteo now 34, got his feet wet in the restaurant industry at an early age in Niagara Falls. At the age of 17, Matteo left the Horseshoe and attended two years at George Brown College, which led him to meet and work with Marc Thuet and David Lee of Centro, then to Italy. On his return, he began a ten year journey through Toronto’s top kitchens and hotels including The Crown Plaza Hotel, The Royal York Hotel, The Fifth, Susur, Eigenseinn Farm and the final two years of his journey as the Sous Chef at Oro Restaurant before opening Blacktree. Now that Blacktree has opened, the response and press have been generous. Matteo welcomes newcomers with adventurous minds and also those less adventurous. Blacktree explores many culinary variances but understands the reality of food meant to be eaten. Matteo thanks the many guests and friends of Blacktree for spreading the word. “Keep Whispering”.


Wednesday - Saturday 6:00pm - 10:00pm

3029 New St. and Guelph Line ( Located in the Roseland Plaza)
Burlington, Ontario, L7R 1K3

905 681 2882

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